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We’ve re-launched!

After taking a few months to re-engineer our firearm import and export services for Canada, we’re happy to say that we’ve officially re-launched!

What’s new?

Not just new, but new-and-improved! We’ve re-designed our firearm export service to make things easier for you, to remain cost-effective, and to create a consistent and timely delivery schedule.

Easier for you:

Under the old system, as the Canadian importer, you were required to obtain multiple documents from the Canadian government on your own, including the International Import Certificate, as well as Registration Certificate(s) and an Authorization to Transport for Restricted-class firearms. You were also required to issue a signed Purchase Order to our company requesting the export of your firearm.

Under the new system, you’re only required to furnish us with a copy of your valid PAL (Possession Acquisition License) and the normal details required when purchasing a firearm from any Canadian dealer (i.e. place of birth, etc). On a paperwork basis, that’s it. We handle pretty much all of the paperwork: the Registration, Import Certificates, Purchase Orders, and so on.

Remain cost-effective:

From the start, we’ve been focused on giving you a great value for your dollars, and being costcompetitive with the other options out there. Under our new model, we remain focused on costeffectiveness. There are two ways that we are among the most cost-effective: first, our fees are simply among the best you’ll find. Second, there are no hidden high freight charges, brokerage charges, or other undisclosed fees. What you see is what you get, which in most cases will save you hundreds of dollars against the competition.

Consistent and timely delivery schedule:

Under the old system, many moving parts often meant unpredictable delivery timelines. Since you were responsible for getting paperwork on your end, we were relying on your interaction with multiple government agencies. Since we most often mailed parcels across the border, we were relying on the mailroom of both U.S. and Canada Customs to process parcels on their timeline, which often meant extra days sitting in Customs review. Sometimes everything was done within a few weeks, and other times it was many months before your gun was where it belongs: in your hands.

Under the new system, we’ve consolidated the government paperwork and are able to handle it efficiently. Rather than mailing individual parcels across the border, we’re taking several guns across the border in person at one time, and thus are able to represent the goods to Customs in-person and receive immediate clearance. Then, we can ship to you using CanadaPost or another method and you’ll have your gun in your hands a few days after it leaves our warehouse. All this together means you should consistently have your gun(s) and accessories within 6 to 8 weeks of their arrival at our office.

A couple more things:

Another benefit of our new model is that we can finally help you cost-effectively import ammunition to Canada! Previously, shipping small quantities of live ammo across the border was cost-prohibitive, as we couldn’t ship it using our normal method of postal mail. Now, we can carry the ammo across the border for you, then ship it within Canada using the normal in-country methods of ammo shipping.

Also, rather than making another, separate payment for taxes to CBSA, you’ll pay the taxes all bundled together at once.

Even the average shipping charges have gone down significantly. Because we’re no longer shipping internationally (i.e., US Postal Service from our office to your home), you’ll only pay the reduced domestic rates of CanadaPost. For example, an average rifle package of 20lbs was $75 + insurance via USPS (6-15 business days delivery), is now just $25 to $40 to most of Canada!

How do I get started!?

Head on over to our “Start an Export” page to get the full details and get the ball rolling! As always, we look forward to serving you!