Buy-On-Your-Behalf Service



Current U.S. Government policy requires that, in nearly all cases, the Exporter of a firearm-related item also be the Seller of said item(s). Thus, Borderview may need to source the item(s) proposed for export from a U.S. Supplier, and sell them to you by using our Buy-on-Your-Behalf Service to fill your special order.

What does the process look like?

After you identify the item(s) you wish to purchase, initiate contact with us. Once we have determined that there is a high probability of export license approval and that the supplier understands the situation and will accept the order and payment from us, we will make arrangements with you to proceed.

The supplier that we’re buying from cannot be a party that is prohibited from participating in export transactions for any reason (some companies or individuals have gotten in trouble for illegal exports in the past and thus are barred from taking part in future export transactions). We will screen their name against the required government lists to ensure this is not an issue.

How much does it cost?

When completed as part of a normal firearm-related export, this service is included. Specifically, it will be invoiced on your item purchase invoice as the “% of value” portion as posted on our Pricing page, subject to a minimum $100 charge (per purchase invoice):

10% of the total purchase amount (5% on portion over $5k), with a $100 minimum charge.

  • Pre-payment is required in full for all purchases.
  • Credit card payment option is usually available for purchases up to $5,000, with an additional 3.5% charge.
  • The “% of value” charges per above are in addition to our normal Export/Import Service Fees applicable to your shipment, which will be invoiced separately prior to shipment (along with applicable Shipping and Canadian Tax).

How do I pay Borderview for the items?

Wire Transfer: Once the order is set up, we will send you our Invoice, which will include bank Wire Transfer instructions for our designated account, and important terms applicable to the sale.

Money Order/Certified Check: Alternatively, you may mail a Money Order or Certified Check in U.S. funds.

  • This may delay receipt of payment by 1-2 weeks.

Credit Card: We can usually accept Credit Card payments (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express) for Buy-on-Your-Behalf purchases for an additional 3.5% of the Invoice amount.

  • Purchases over $5,000 are not eligible for credit card payment.
  • In most cases, your final invoice — for our export service fees, applicable shipping, and tax — can be paid by credit card with no extra fee.

Can you bid for me in a firearm auction?

At this time, we are unable to bid on auction items to be sold to you. However we can often use the “Buy Now” feature on sites such as

However, if you have placed a winning bid for a firearm at auction, you may contact us prior to making payment to the auction to discuss options.



This service is offered to enable compliant export transactions for firearms and related items. It is NOT intended to sneak purchases from suppliers that have policies forbidding any export of their products, nor to get around any legal or regulatory requirements.

We will never conceal the intent to export a purchased product, and we often proactively notify the supplier of this intent in advance. Furthermore, we will NEVER alter values or prices on paperwork to be anything different than the actual purchase price.

This service is intended to pass through the related costs of such a transaction to enable the export to proceed with Borderview as the exporter of record and responsible party in the transaction.