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Effective July 1st, 2013 our new official office address will be:

1001 Evergreen Street, Suite B
Lynden, WA 98264

Note that because of this, shipments being sent any time after June 20th should be sent to the new address above. As always, be sure the sender includes your name in the shipment as well. Our new FFL with this address will not be available until we make the official move, so during July.

Further, we will be “mostly closed” during the month of July. We will have someone present to receive shipments, and will do limited processing. However, we will be fully operational again beginning August 1st. Customers in process with an order will receive communication from us about proceeding if we’ve not been cleared to ship during June.

Our new location is 100 miles north of our historical office in Seattle, which will position us right on the Canadian border in a facility much larger than our Seattle offices. We’re excited about the long-term implications of this move, and as always, “We look forward to serving you!”