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UPDATE March 9, 2020:

For CUSTOMERS with exports from 2019 caught in-process when this new policy (described below) was implemented without warning by the U.S. Government: we have been in touch with you to give information specific to your situation. A majority of the backlog has now been cleared, and we anticipate that remaining items will be cleared in the coming weeks.

For NEW EXPORT ORDERS, we are accepting new export orders, but we must be the Seller of the item(s) being exported. Contact us to place your order and/or make arrangements.

(Imports to the USA are not impacted by the policy change below).

What is changing?

Effective immediately — and until further notice — the U.S. Department of State requires that the Exporter (Borderview) also be the Seller of the item(s) being exported.

This is a change from the past 10+ years, when the State Department’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) has approved countless licenses wherein the Seller was a different party than the Exporter (mostly under the former Firearms Division Chief, who has since retired).

This policy applies to all Exporters and Sellers, and is not specific to Borderview. Insofar as we’ve been told, this policy is not altogether new, but rather an alignment of Department-wide policy which the Firearms division had not yet implemented.

What This Means For You

If you have already purchased from a different seller: unfortunately we are unable to assist with the export at this time (see note above for items already in-process).

If you have not yet purchased the item(s) for export: we strongly advise against completing the purchase from anyone but your exporter.

Borderview has long offered a “Buy-on-Your-Behalf” Service for situations in which another seller was unable or unwilling to sell to a foreign customer. Given the new requirements, we are now in the process of implementing a 100% “Special Order” system, wherein all orders will come to Borderview as the Seller and Exporter.

In the meantime, we can handle items using our “Buy-on-Your-Behalf” Service on a case-by-case basis, until our new “Special Order” process is launched soon.

Looking Ahead

Borderview is working closely with the State Department and our respected outside legal counsel to deal with items already on-hand caught up in this change, as well as to move forward with future exports accordingly.

As always, we will continue to stay on the forefront of this issue and provide updates accordingly. We will do all of this in alignment with our Mission Statement:

Borderview provides innovative solutions that transform complex firearm logistics into Surprisingly Simple™ systems for our customers, by operating with utmost integrity, in strict compliance, and always focused on efficiency.