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Nearly every day it seems, we hear kind words from our awesome customers. Here are some from the past month:

From Vista Outdoor (makers of Federal Premium ammo, Savage rifles, and more), regarding a specialty import for a VIP client:

[He] has received his rifle and no issues at all. Again, THANK YOU so much for you follow through and help on this!

From Sue, who we helped get her brother’s gun from BC, Canada to Idaho, USA:

Thank you for your help throughout this process. It was a pleasure dealing with you! I will be sure to recommend your company in the future to anyone needing your service.

Seems like Keath in Kentucky appreciated our packing:

The package arrived well protected and in great shape. You did a wonderful job!

Nic from Vic (Victoria, Australia – that is) used our Small Parts Exemption to get a few parts for his Marlin lever action rifle:

It has been a pleasure dealing with you and your organisation. I look forward to doing more business in the future.

Don in New Brunswick, Canada is glad to have access to all the rare and unusual rifle parts in the USA:

Without a company as pleasant to deal with as yours (and one that can get the job done) I would never be able to complete these rifles. If I had to rely on Canadian sources, my collection would not be what it is.

Thanks again to you and your team for the smiles and efficiency!

Regarding the ATF-required “import mark” on guns imported to the USA, Steve says:

The placement and size of the import mark was perfect!

Matt in Colorado was similarly pleased with our discreet laser import marking on his gun imported from Canada to the USA:

Everything looks great to me and your team did a great job of keeping the text minimal; it can barely be seen. I appreciate all your assistance in this process and if I ever decide to transfer another across the border I’ll be sure to reach out to Borderview.

Lastly, James in Alberta had this to say after using our “Temporary Import for Repair or Alteration” service to send a gun from Canada to a specialized gunsmith in the USA, and back to Canada:

Hats off to you and the rest down there at the office for helping along and being as informative and helpful as you were. … When the time comes again I’ll definitely give you heads up. It was actually real nice to deal with good people like you guys. Too bad there aren’t more businesses with the knowledge and care you all seem to put into it.

You’re doin’ a hell of a job 👍🏻

While we truly appreciate these kind words, our customers rock and are truly the ones to be praised!

YOU are the ones who found the way to do what many say can’t be done: moving guns and parts across an international border in today’s crazy complex world. Bravo!