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Around this time of year businesses around the world (and especially in our industry) publish their annual price increases.

Well, not at Borderview. We haven’t raised prices for a couple of years to help keep things reasonable as currencies around the globe (and especially the Canadian loonie) have dropped against the U.S. dollar.

So, we’re here to announce our price decrease!

That’s right — we’ve lowered several aspects of our pricing for exports to and imports from Canada. Here are the changes:

→ the “+ 5% of total value” portion of our service fees (which helps cover the cost of insuring and protecting your items while they’re in our care), now drops to just 2% for the portion of total value above $5,000 USD;

→ for Restricted classified firearms, the extra cost is now just $25, rather than $50;

→ in the rare case where we have to “re-pack” a gun into a hard case due to very poor packaging, that’s now just $25, rather than $50;

→ the charge for a Missing or Incomplete Transfer Form has dropped to $25 from $50 (we still need you to do your best to make sure it’s included in the shipment, please!);

→ we’ve completely eliminated the “Tactical / Custom Surcharge” that was first implemented back in 2012;

→ for imports, our In-Person Border Clearance is now included in per-item prices — saving you hundreds of dollars compared to other importers;

→ required Import Markings for guns imported to the U.S. are now included in per-gun prices (previously $50 to $100 per gun by gunsmith, now in-house with our own laser engraver!);

→ imports into the U.S. of antique firearms are now $50 less per gun than they were before!

Now we just wish we could lower taxes, too!