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Update 1/14/2021: some of the information in this post may be outdated, contact us for more details.

On May 1st, 2020, the Government of Canada banned some 1,500 models of firearms, re-classifying them as “Prohibited”. We are very disheartened by this and feel for our customers, many of whom have spent decades honing a craft in competitive shooting that his now being defined as criminal activity.

Because one of the allowable options for these models is “legally exporting the firearm”, many have asked about sending them to the USA. Unfortunately, most of the models banned are not allowed for import to the USA, even if they were made in the USA. For example, the AR-15 platform firearm and Ruger Mini-14 rifle, even if made in the USA, are not currently allowed to be imported back to the USA (except by the original exporter).

We have sent a notification to all customers for whom we exported (from the USA to Canada) a newly Prohibited firearm, to give them information about the option to return that same firearm to the USA. As we learn which models are allowed for import to the USA, we will be providing that information to our customers accordingly. Furthermore, we will be contacting customers for whom we exported a now-Prohibited class firearm out of the USA in recent years, to offer options for legally returning that same gun to the USA — the only allowable exception for such import to the USA for many of these models.

We are grieved to have to write this post, and stand with our Canadian gun owner friends.