Pre-1899 Antique Firearm Exports



The U.S. Export Administration Regulations (EAR) allow the export of most firearms manufactured before 1899 without an export license. Borderview provides a service to assist with such export shipments.

Proof of manufacture before 1899 is required

This may be Serial Number specific (where applicable) or, in some cases, general reference information about a model that was only made prior to 1899. Borderview will do our own due diligence on every firearm received, and at our sole discretion, determine eligibility for this service based on available records for Customs purposes.

U.S. Export filings

Borderview will determine and complete any necessary U.S. Export filings (such as with the Automated Export System, or AES). This varies based on the type and specific manufacture year of the firearm (i.e. pre-1890 vs. 1891-1898).

Importing country policies, procedures, and definitions vary

While the United States defines “antique firearm” in one way, other countries will have their own definitions. As the Importer, you are fully responsible to comply with your own country’s requirements. We are only acting as the U.S. exporter, helping where feasible, but you are ultimately responsible for the import.

For shipments to Canada using this service, we will also verify Canadian classification

Some firearms that qualify as Antique in the United States are classified as Restricted or Non-Restricted in Canada due to differing rules. In such cases, you must provide relevant documentation (such as your firearms license (PAL), RCMP Registration Certificate, etc.).